White Stinkwood / Witstinkhout Celtis Africana – SA Bonsai


White Stinkwood / Witstinkhout Celtis Africana – SA Bonsai


White Stinkwood / Witstinkhout Celtis Africana 22 Yrs Old- SAB0002WS

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White Stinkwood Witstinkhout Celtis Africana Forest 15 Yrs Old – SAB0002WS

In spring Celtis africana is very lovely, with its light green, tender new leaves that contrast beautifully with the pale bark. The leaves are simple, alternate, triangular in shape with three distinct veins from the base, and the margin is toothed for the upper two-thirds. The new leaves are bright, fresh green and hairy, turning darker green and becoming smoother as they mature.

The flowers appear in spring (August to October). They are small, greenish, star-like and inconspicuous. Separate male and female flowers are produced on the same tree. A cluster of male flowers is borne at the base of the new leaf, and the female or bisexual flowers are in the axils of the leaves. The flowers are pollinated by bees. Masses of small, rounded, berry-like fruits on 13 mm long stalks follow the flowers, from October to February. When they turn yellow-brown to black they are ripe.

Celtis africana is easy to grow and is fast-growing. It is fairly drought resistant and can withstand frost. It does best in good, rich, deep soil with plenty of water in summer.

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