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Ficus Burtt-Davyi Fig 17 Yrs Old – SAB0054FB

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Ficus Burtt-Davyi Fig 17 Yrs Old – SAB0054FB

Ficus burtt-davyi grows as a creeper, shrub or small tree, 0.5–5 m tall, depending on habitat where it grows. Multi-stemmed with smooth, silvery grey to grey bark; leaves are simple, alternate, glossy green, more or less oval in shape, with a recurved tip. It is distinguished by its faintly 3-veined leaf base from its closest species F. burkei and F. natalensis.

Figs are small, yellowish green with white spots, purple brown when ripe. Fruits are much loved by birds.

Ficus burtt-davyi is easy to grow and is fast-growing. It is fairly drought resistant and can NOT withstand frost. It does best in good, rich, deep soil with plenty of water in summer.

Conservation Status

According to the website http://redlist.sanbi.orgFicus burtt-davyi is listed as a LC (Least Concern) species.

Derivation of name and historical aspects

Ficus is the Latin name for figs, and because of the various growth forms the species, as well as attractive figs, the trees are known to be beautiful and ecologically important. Ficus burtt-davyi is a typical example of this. This species was named after Joseph Burtt Davy (1870–1940), the founder of what is currently known as the National Herbarium in Pretoria. There are approximately 750 species worldwide, ± 500 of these are centred in Australasia, 110 in Africa and Madagascar, and 26 in southern Africa.

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