Bonsai (Pre Bonsai in training)
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Bonsai (Pre Bonsai in training)

Bonsai (Pre Bonsai in training)

Pre-Bonsai material refers to young garden plants that are being trained to become Bonsai trees. Nursery stock plants are often used as pre-Bonsai material as they have great qualities for Bonsai purposes. These young plants are semi styled or trained, and therefore present a blank canvas for Bonsai enthusiasts to work with. By purchasing Bonsai nursery stock, enthusiasts can propagate a tree fast and begin training it right away.

To turn pre-Bonsai material into a Bonsai, there will need to be certain steps taken to train the tree to achieve the desired shape and style. The type of plant will determine the techniques to be used to train it. Patience, observation, and attention to detail are key when dealing with pre-Bonsai material. Proper care, including frequent watering and fertilization, will also be crucial to ensure that the tree will develop healthy and strong.


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