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Why Choose SA Bonsai / Who are we?

The story of how Boet and myself discovered our love for bonsai is a fascinating tale that started with an article in Garden and Home magazine, written by the esteemed Bonsai Artist Johan Ras in Bela Bela in 1978.

This article sparked a series of events that ultimately led to us becoming devoted Bonsai enthusiasts.

Our association with respected bonsai artists such as Charles Ceronio, Eddy van der Westhuizen, and Johan Ras himself provided us with the opportunity to hone our skills and learn from the best in South Africa’s bonsai community.

Our experience and expertise have inspired countless others to follow in our footsteps and continue the rich tradition of Bonsai cultivation, and for that, we will always be grateful to the old Bonsai masters in South Africa.

SA Bonsai is now a proprietary limited company with share holding between Andries Strauss and Ria Roux.

At our company, we take great pride in delivering only the finest quality products. Having proudly serviced the public for over two decades.

Additionally, our inventory includes a vast array of accessories suited to every Bonsai enthusiasts’ needs. We also provide invaluable training classes at different venues of our vendors, ensuring customers have the skills they need to keep their bonsai trees healthy and lush.

Finally, we also cater to nurseries, offering our products to provide a variety of unique Bonsai trees and accessories.

While we appreciate all customers, we also rent our Bonsai trees to the esteemed Anglo American and De Beers group.

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