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Bonsai is a living art form that involves the careful cultivation and training of small trees or shrubs to create aesthetically pleasing miniature versions of larger trees found in nature. The practice originated in China over a thousand years ago before spreading to Japan, where it gained popularity and refinement. The art of bonsai revolves around the principles of patience, observation, and balance, where every element of the tree – from the trunk to the leaves – is taken into account when shaping and nurturing it.

Bonsai is often seen as a symbol of harmony and balance, and practitioners of the art form view it as a meditative practice that promotes mindfulness and a connection to nature. The process of cultivating a bonsai tree can take years, and each tree is unique, reflecting the skill and creativity of the artist. Bonsai has gained popularity across the world, with enthusiasts creating their own unique styles and approaches to the age-old tradition.